Caller ID is not working – possible solutions

For Eyecon’s caller ID to work, you must have a 3G or WiFi connection.

Start by making sure you have enabled Eyecon’s status notification to work in the background. Go to settings -> Caller ID -> Allow Status Notifications

If you are still having issues, please try following one of these sets of instructions to enable permissions for our caller ID to work properly:

  • Phone Settings –> Application Manager –> Eyecon –> ‘Show Notifications’
  • Security –> Auto start –> Enable Eyecon.
  • Security –> Permissions –> Permissions –> Eyecon –> Display pop-up window –> Accept.
  • Notifications –> Manage Notifications –> Eyecon –> Show Floating Notifications.
  • Power management –> Background app management –> Enable our apps.
  • Notification Manager –> Dropzone –> Eyecon – Enable.
  • Battery –> Details -> Find Eyecon -> turn it off
  • Settings -> Sound & Notification -> App notification or Notification access -> find Eyecon and enable (relevant for OS 6.0 users)

Please write to us at if these solutions do not work for you.

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