Caller ID isn’t working (Sony Xperia)

To enable Eyecon caller ID please follow these steps:

All models
Sony Xperia

All Models

Enable Stamina by going to settings -> Power Management -> STAMINA mode -> Activate Eyecon in standby

Sony Xperia

  1. Click on the native app settings –

  1. Click on “battery” from the settings menu –

sony xperia settings

  1. Click on battery optimization –

sony xperia batter optimization

  1. Click Eyecon so it will then be moved to the “not optimized” section –

sony xperia settings

If that doesn’t work, please try the following:

  1. Click on settings

settings Screen--XperiaZ3_2018_April_25_11_34_am__295-1524656367-F

2. Click on Apps

3 Find and click on Eyecon

4. Click on notifications

4. Allow peeking

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