Recording Calls

Due to changes in Google’s policies, call recording is no longer supported by Eyecon except in some specific cases.   But with our new version, we have added the feature of record calls to the some phones.  

Do you meet the qualifications?

  • You downloaded Eyecon when call recording was a supported feature.
  • You are still using the same phone.
  • Your phone is running Android OS 5 – 8.

In addition, please be aware of additional factors to using the record call feature. 

On Android = 9 devices, the feature will be disabled.

On Android <= 8 devices, the requirement is Storage, Audio recording permissions.

On Android => 10 devices, the feature also required Accessibility permission.

If your answer is yes to the above and the above applies, then continue reading:

Can I update Eyecon and keep call recording?

Yes, you can.

Where has the call record icon gone? 

Please look on the history page. The call record icon has moved to the top left. 

What are the different call record settings?

Users can choose from the following call recording modes:

  • Automatic – all calls are automatically saved for 7 days. When you click the “pin” they will be saved indefinitely unless manually deleted.
  • Manual – if you set Eyecon as the default dialer then you can save the record on the Call screen or on the After call.
  • Disabled – phone calls will not be recorded.

Our high-quality automatic call recording works on incoming and outgoing calls.

Accessibility permissions can turn off by the OS automatic (note that you must enable it for the “call recorder” to work).

Calls are kept on your device for 7 days and then deleted if not saved. All recordings are only saved on the individual user’s device. (Android Pie not supported).

Note that recordings are not uploaded to Eyecon’s servers and we never read / process recordings.

call recorder

Saving Recorded Calls

All recordings are temporarily saved automatically and can be accessed from clicking the call recorder icon from the history page.
If you want to permanently save a recording, click the “pin” on the photo or save the recording from the screen shown after calls.
You can use our “share” feature to back up your recordings to whatever Cloud storage you use.

We need “record audio” and “storage” permissions in order to store the call recordings on external storage.

after call screen

If you would like to stop automatically saving call recordings, uncheck “record calls” from the recordings menu.

Accessing Recorded Calls

Recorded calls can be accessed by clicking the “recorded call” icon from the history page.

access recorded calls

See how to enable permissions

Save the call

Record your call button


Call recording is only supported on Android OS 5 – 8 & 10. Android 9 and above is not supported.
If the duration of your call is very long, you may not be able to play or save it.

Please write to us at if call recording does not work on your device.

Note that call recording laws vary by country. By using this feature, you accept responsibility for complying with the applicable laws in your country.  


If the call recording feature is not working after an Android upgrade, please try uninstalling and reinstalling Eyecon.

If you have call recording set to automatic but calls are not being recorded try the following to free up memory and internal space (exact names may vary per device):

  1. From any Home screen, tap the Applications icon.
  2. Tap File Manager.
  3. Tap Phone.
  4. Navigate to the desired folder and file.
  5. Touch and hold the file you want to copy.
  6. Tap Copy.
  7. Tap SD card.

If the call recording feature is not working after a period of inactivity, see here for suggestions of how to adjust the power saving settings on your device.

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