Block and Report SPAM

How to block a contact or Report SPAM from the “History” or from the “After call”

Block Number and report SPAM from History – No contact 

  1. Open Eyecon
  2. go to history
  3. choose a phone number from your history calls 
  4. click on the drawer 
  5. click on block/report button 
  6. a pop-up BLOCK AND REPORT SPAM will open 

suggest name to number 

 Block the number – check the pimp to block the number

 report as spam or report as not spam

If you report as spam, and you suggest a name in the next incoming call from this number, you can view it as SPAM with the name you assigned.

               if you report as no SPAM. and you only block the number, this contact will not be able to call you, but it will not be saved in our database as a SPAM suspect. 

How do I unblock a number?

once you block the number you can unblock it in the same way, from the pop-up block and report spam

uncheck the pimp and the number are unlocked or on the screen of the list of blocked numbers, by clicking on unblock.

Block Number and report SPAM from After Call – No contact 

option 1: incoming call from a “maybe spam” number

in the “after call” appears the pop up “Maybe SPAM”,  (the caller ID is orange)

in the pop up you could: 

Suggest name to number

Block the number

Report spam

Report no spam

option 2: after an incoming call from a “full spam” number, (caller id is red)

In the “after call” to report a SPAM number, click on the block and report button and you will see the pop up to block and report

How to block all SPAM calls

  1. Open Eyecon
  2. click on menu bar
  3. click on block list
  4. in the block list screen click on the menu (kebab button) …

check the option pimp “Block all SPAM calls

How to disable notification of blocked numbers

  1. Open Eyecon
  2. Click on menu bar
  3. Click on block list
  4. In the block list screen click on the menu (kebab button) …

uncheck the option pimp “Show block call notification

Block and report from history 



Block all SPAM calls

Block notification calls

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