Caller ID is not working (Samsung)

Please follow these steps if you are having difficulty enabling caller ID on your phone –

Android 7+ Solutions
Smart Manager Solutions
Add Eyecon as an ‘unmonitored app’

Android 7+ Solutions

Samsung phones with Android 7+ should follow these steps for Eyecon caller ID to work properly.
Phone settings -> Device Maintenance -> Battery -> Add Eyecon to unmonitored apps list.

Smart Manager Solutions

Samsung phones with a smart manager should follow these steps:
Phone settings or Smart Manager -> Battery -> Details -> Find Eyecon  -> Turn off optimization


enable samsung caller ID

samsung app optimisation

Add Eyecon as an ‘unmonitored app’

If you are still having issues after turning off optimization, add Eyecon as an ‘unmonitored app’

1 – Click settings

1 click settings - samsung

2 – Click device maintenance

3 – Click battery

4 – Scroll down and click ‘Unmonitored apps’

5 – Click on the 3 dots in the top right corner and choose “Add apps”

6- Find and select Eyecon, then click done.

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